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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We have put the frequently asked questions on one page.  If your question is not listed, don't hesitate to contact us:

1) Is it necessary for me to make an account for placing my order?  No, it's not necessary, you can place an order without making an account.

2) Can I delete my account? Yes, you can delete your account whenever you want.  Please use the 'contact us' form

3) How can I pay for my order? We use Paypal and you can pay with your credit card.  You don't need to have a Paypal Account.

4) How will you send my order?  We use 'Correos', the Spanish Post Office to send your order.  For more details about our delivery policy, click here.

5) What are the delivery costs? Click here for more information.

6) How long does it take for my delivery to arrive?  Normally your order will be dispatched as soon as we receive your payment and than it will take between 2 - 15 days for you to receive your order.  It depends on where you live.  You'll receive a message when your order is ready and dispatched. 

7) Do you deliver worldwide?  No, at this moment we only deliver in Spain and the rest of Europe.  However, if you see a product that you like, you can contact us and we'll let you know if we can ship it to your country and what the delivery costs would be.

8) My product(s) is (are) damaged.  What do I have to do? We try to wrap your products as best as we can to protect them from damaging.  If you do receive a damaged product, please, contact us as soon as possible.

9) Can I return my product(s)?  It is possible for you to return your product(s) within 14 days of receiving the product(s).  Please, contact us if you wish to return the goods.  You are in charge of paying the cost for returning the goods.  If you do return the goods, you can choose between a refund or a substitute for the same price.

10) What do I have to do if I have a complaint?  You can contact us with your complaint and we try to resolve the issue within 24 hours if possible.